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Wed Feb 7 08:09:13 PST 2007

A Pooky sighting opportunity will be tonight (the first Wednesday) at 
Namron's Populous meeting.

" .... So, what can I count on you doing at the Med Fair? .... "

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>Thank you for the directions, Annabelle.  The meeting schedule on the 
>website shows that there is a Populace Meeting the "first Wednesday" and 
>"third Tuesday" each month.  Is there a difference in the two meetings?
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> >
> >Greetings, David.
> >
> >The easiest way to get to Norman High School from I-35 is to take the
> >Main Street exit and head east.  Drive east approximately 1 1/2 miles,
> >on your right will be a Homeland grocery store, and on the left is
> >Norman High School.  Drive to the east end of the high school, across
> >from Conoco, and turn left onto the street just before Carl's Junior.
> >There are 2 parking lots for the highschool, enter the first one.  The
> >entrance we normally use is the second one from the north end of the
> >building, I believe.  Enter the buiding, go straight down the hall, and
> >the library is the first large door on the left.
> >
> >I look forward to meeting you and your family.
> >
> >Annabelle Fitzsimmons
> >
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> >Having moved to Choctaw, Donna, I and maybe her son Jeromy are
> >interested in possibly joining the SCA.  Last Sunday we visited the
> >Skorragardr populace meeting and met many friendly folk including your
> >Baron & Baroness who greeted us warmly.  We would also like to meet some
> >of the people in Namron and attend the Wednesday meeting.  Please tell
> >us the most expediant way to
> >get to the Norman High School assuming we are coming south on I35.
> >Also,
> >where in the HS is the Library?
> >
> >David
> >
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