[Namron] Charly the Bastard (Richard Tucker) in hospital with major heart attack

mikea mikea at mikea.ath.cx
Sun Feb 11 12:36:56 PST 2007

(From Lord Terric)

Charly the Bastard had a major heart attack Saturday, and now is 
in the Intensive Care Unit at Southwest Medical Center, room 358. 

His mundane name is Richard Tucker. 

You can't call his room direct; you have to call 636-7000 and ask 
for "ICU in the fifties". There are people sitting with him. 

This was a major heart attack; the cardiologists have put a stent in 
his vena cava to open it up, as it was completely blocked. 

There are serious concerns about oxygen deprivation & brain damage. 
His pupils are responsive to light, which is good. 

He reacts to noises, and his eyelids flicker to speech as if he were 
listening, but he does not respond. 

Your prayers are solicited.

Lord Terric will have more information than I do. 

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