[Namron] Charly the Bastard (Richard Tucker) in hospital with majorheart attack

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 11 20:54:31 PST 2007

Charly the bastard was sleeping peacefully at 9:30pm Sunday night, I left 
Him that way.

He is on a ventilator.  It's good to hear he is responding to light and 
noise, I made neither.

Love for Charly,

When hope and prayer is all you have to make things better, do them in 
earnest. ~ Pooky

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>Subject: [Namron] Charly the Bastard (Richard Tucker) in hospital with 
>majorheart attack
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>(From Lord Terric)
>Charly the Bastard had a major heart attack Saturday, and now is
>in the Intensive Care Unit at Southwest Medical Center, room 358.
>His mundane name is Richard Tucker.
>You can't call his room direct; you have to call 636-7000 and ask
>for "ICU in the fifties". There are people sitting with him.
>This was a major heart attack; the cardiologists have put a stent in
>his vena cava to open it up, as it was completely blocked.
>There are serious concerns about oxygen deprivation & brain damage.
>His pupils are responsive to light, which is good.
>He reacts to noises, and his eyelids flicker to speech as if he were
>listening, but he does not respond.
>Your prayers are solicited.
>Lord Terric will have more information than I do.
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