[Namron] O/T Period Pattern No. 46 for sale.

Jennifer fairefolk at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 14 18:59:08 PST 2007

I hope doing this is ok....but before I list this
pattern for sale I thought I would post it first, just
in case an SCA member wants it. 
It is Period Pattern No. 46, a Mediaeval Miscellanea
Women's German Puff-and-slash Gowns, c. 1500-1545 A.D.
(Sizes 6-20).
I accidentally bought, over the years, two...duh!
ALWAYS check your pattern stash...lol. Anyway, on the
front it says $22.95. I will take the best offer that
comes from an SCA member and I am open to trades. Have
some extra wool or Linen laying around...or trim.
Email me ;-> Here is a link to a photo of the pattern
Ldy Lucrezia    fairefolk at yahoo.com

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