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Norman is not planning to close the Fabric department until July according to their employees.  I'm going to buy myself into happy oblivion in the meantime.  I am truly sad to see so many of the fabric shops closing down, but there aren't very many people who buy fabric and make daily clothing like happened when I was growing up.  We crazy folks who make these silly outfits aren't as numerous as we need to be to keep the fabric stores in business.  Sad, but true.  The industrial revolution has reared its ugly head. 

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Samarrah bint Annaan <samarrah_bint_annaan at yahoo.com> wrote: They've already closed the fabric department in Moore and the employees at Chickasha, Norman, and Pauls Valley walmart told me point blank that Purcell's walmart will be the only one with fabric in this region.
 Lady Samarah Basimah Latifa al Dhakira bint Anaan bint Mellilah 

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>From "The Oklahoman", January 26th, 2007.  Mr Wertz is a "spokesman" for Wal-Mart.


    Questions and Answers with William Wertz; 
Wal-Mart expands departments, becomes energy-efficient  
   Trisha Evans, Business Writer
   Q: Did Wal-Mart close its fabric departments nationwide or just in certain stores? Which stores in Oklahoma does this affect? 

A: Wal- Mart has not closed fabric departments throughout the nation or throughout Oklahoma. In fact, we will continue to carry fabric, as before, in most of our stores. We have announced plans to convert the fabric and crafts department in a few stores to a newly expanded assortment of merchandise that focuses on life's "celebrations." In other words, we'll offer merchandise and new ideas for holidays, weddings, birthdays and other similar events. In Oklahoma, current plans call for making this change in four stores: Sapulpa, Bristow, Moore and NW Edmond. The Bristow store is the only one in which this change is taking place immediately. The others will be changed between now and April. After April we will evaluate results and decide whether to make the change in additional  stores.

Q: What were the reasons behind this? 

A: It's part of our emphasis on being a store of the community. Our research indicates a change of this kind will better meet the needs of our customers today.

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