[Namron] Northern Regional Scribal "Brag Book"

Jennene Stanley Mooharpist at cox.net
Thu Feb 22 12:45:12 PST 2007

Zubeydah said:

And please consider allowing Anya to scan your work, that it can be  
added to the scribal guild's Digital Scroll Library!

There are many scrolls we don't have examples of, and I have heard  
many wonderful tales of the skill of the illuminors of Namron!

At Populace we dicussed having examples of various scribes at  
Medfaire. Since the enviorment of Medfaire is inhospitable (and down  
right hazardous) to scrolls the idea was brought up to have high  
quality scans done and copies on hand. To this end, I'll be setting  
up a Northern Regional "Brag Book". Our wonderful and talented Barat  
has offered his technical skills. If you have a scroll that you would  
like to included, please drop me a line. Another benefit will be that  
we will have more scans to send to the scribal website for their use.

At this writing we have 35 days until Medfaire.  If you are  
interested in being included in the scribal book for this demo please  
contact me directly ASAP as time is running short. Private emails  
work best.

Thanks for reading,

HL Anya Gordon Lamont
Northern Regional Scribe
Jennene Stanley
"Vanity working on a weak mind
produces every sort of mischief"
						-Jane Austen
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