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Brad Stanley vortmax at cox.net
Thu Feb 22 19:49:21 PST 2007

Below is the decision of the Northern Regional Hospitaler:

Begin forwarded message:

> Ok after much thought and taking in to consideration all concern  
> involved I have made a decision. The kingdom is making a push for  
> more younger vital crowd that will stay longer. I have lived in  
> moonshcadowe and know the importance of getting that younger more  
> eccentric group. Namron is an AWSOME group that could do great  
> things like Moonschadowe if the right person is in the job of  
> Hospitaler. You need someone that can reach that younger college  
> age crowd and make them excited and feel welcome. And While I like  
> to encourage new people to apply for positions and normally I will  
> pick that person, I think your group could be SO MUCH bigger if it  
> has someone with experience who is excited about the SCA.
> So I have decided to go with Adena as your Hospitaler. I would  
> encourage Isobel to continue to do her newcomers meeting as always  
> and to be a support for Adena.
> Thank you for all your comments and your support.
> Lady Elodie de Cormier
> Northern Regional Hospitaler

I will be opening the office of A&S Minister for applications  
immediately.  Adena has offered to continue assisting the A&S  
activities for Medieval Fair so we aren't left without an A&S person  
for our biggest recruiting event.

Lord Thomas of Weathershear
Seneschal Namron
(m.k.a. Brad Stanley)

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