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Fri Feb 23 11:28:41 PST 2007

I appreciate Isobel's work for the Barony despite working on her college degree. I hope she will not give up on Namron and our canton due to decisions above our control. 
I will support Adea in her new position. As this ruckus was not her fault at all. 
 And Aethelstan has a very good point about using the chain of command. 

Given the wording of the letter as it was I feel it was best that Lord Thomas forward it as it was. Sometimes hearing things from the "horses mouth" is the only way it can be truly understood. 
I sent my letter of displeasure to the Barony and Lord Thomas last night after my incensed mother told me what awaited in my in box. 

Having just turned 30 myself, and our Baroness close on my heals I want to make sure her walker is ready because I am sure none of us are going to let a few ill placed and unthoughtful words detour us from having a good time and playing in the SCA! 


John Cole <master_aethelstan at yahoo.com> wrote: What a wonderful...um....ah....encouraging letter......
  I shall now go wash the "tacky" off my hands.....

  Thomas, was this perchance a letter to be for the whole of the barony, or mainly addressed to the senechal? The more I reread this the more cranky and old I'm feeling. I'm thinking a nice "polite" letter to venerable regional officer on the topic of her candor might not be misplaced. (grinning, with twinkle in eye tempered by cruel eld and not able to "keep" a younger more vital crowd in our "smaller" less vital group)
  no slight to either Adena or Isobel
Brad Stanley <vortmax at cox.net> wrote:
  Below is the decision of the Northern Regional Hospitaler:
  Begin forwarded message:

     Ok after much thought and taking in to consideration all concern involved I have made a decision. The kingdom is making a push for more younger vital crowd that will stay longer. I have lived in moonshcadowe and know the importance of getting that younger more eccentric group. Namron is an AWSOME group that could do great things like Moonschadowe if the right person is in the job of Hospitaler. You need someone that can reach that younger college age crowd and make them excited and feel welcome. And While I like to encourage new people to apply for positions and normally I will pick that person, I think your  group could be SO MUCH bigger if it has someone with experience who is excited about the SCA.  
  So I have decided to go with Adena as your Hospitaler. I would encourage Isobel to continue to do her newcomers meeting as always and to be a support for Adena.
  Thank you for all your comments and your support.
  Lady Elodie de Cormier
  Northern Regional Hospitaler


  I will be opening the office of A&S Minister for applications immediately.  Adena has offered to continue assisting the A&S activities for Medieval Fair so we aren't left without an A&S person for our biggest recruiting event.


    Lord Thomas of Weathershear
  Seneschal Namron
  (m.k.a. Brad Stanley)

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