[Namron] Clarifications

Brad Stanley vortmax at cox.net
Fri Feb 23 22:11:55 PST 2007

Apparently I have touched several nerves.  I would like to clarify a  
few things:

1)  I am not upset about the selection of Adena as Hospitaler.  We  
had two very good candidates for Hospitaler and am glad the office is  
filled.  I congratulate Adena and look forward to working with her in  
her new position.

2) I admit to being a bit testy in my response.  And I understand now  
that even when I promote a *personal* opinion, it may be taken as the  
word of the officer, not the individual.  That will not happen again.

3) Written communications between officers that go into files, such  
as the final decision for who should be an officer, are a matter of  
public record.  I stand by my decision to post the decision to the  
list.  Perhaps I should not have added the personal commentary (at  
least not before waiting a mandatory 24-hour cooling off period), but  
I still have strong feelings regarding the reasoning used in the  
decision making process.  Since it appears to be a matter of kingdom  
policy (and yes it was discussed at King's Round table Seneschal  
meeting, with myself and Baron Donnchadh expressing an opinion on  
recruiting college students), I think it's something that we should  
all know about and discuss.

4) About posting "personal" responses to the list:  if a response is  
directed at one individual and not constructive towards the  
conversation, it should be sent in private.  If a response is about  
an idea, proposal, or policy, then by all means it is list material.   
Please discuss the subject, not the poster.  Profanity has absolutely  
no place in civilized conversation, so please leave that off the list  
as well.

5) Once again, I do not begrudge the decision one bit.  I have  
NOTHING against Adena being our Hospitaler as I think she well do a  
good job.  I also think Isobel would have done a good job.  We had  
two very good candidates, and I would be happy to have either of them  
selected.  My concern isn't about choosing one person over another,  
it's about Kingdom Policy and the application and interpretation  

6) Everyone has disagreements (as even happily married couples will  
attest).  We're a big family here and this is just another difference  
of opinion.  I will make an honest attempt from here on to work this  
through in a civil and professional manner.

That said, it's time for the list to move on.  Adena is our  
Hospitaler and I look forward to working with her.  I also look  
forward to working with Isobel in whatever capacity she chooses.

If anyone has any questions/concerns/rants/curses, please feel free  
to contact me via email.

Lord Thomas of Weathershear
Seneschal Namron
(m.k.a. Brad Stanley)

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