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To add to what master Mike said... 
It is a more structured couples form of dance. In some form it is seen in many late period movies. 
Here are some web links for your explorations... (not the best but what I could find on the fly)

Video clips of simple foot work by the library of congress
Examples of Masque Costume in the late 16th & Early 17th Centuriee http://www.elizabethancostume.net/masque/index.html(This site also shows period c. 1589 research for fae wings in period on costume)

Estienne's Country Dance (also has videos)


mikea <mikea at mikea.ath.cx> wrote: On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 11:43:00AM -0600, Curtis Blackburn wrote:
> What is "court dancing"?
> ~Tatsuaki
> On 3/8/07, Siren Song  wrote:
> >
> >We are looking into having a court dancing class here in Skorragard and I
> >was wondering how many of you would be interested?
> >Thank you :)
> >Siobhan

Usually it includes period dances of the sort done in court, and also
by the non-noble, non-titled, non-armigerous folks. Think pavane, 
bransle, gailliard, and so on. 

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