[Namron] Court Dancing Class

Siren Song sirensong13 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 8 14:04:32 PST 2007

I would be more than thrilled to include the smalls in this!! 

The lady who said she would come do an initial class said maybe sundays... as her child is doing soccor on saturdays for the next while.  

Hows that sound ? 


Lord Pooky <lord_pooky at hotmail.com> wrote: 

If enough young ones* would be interested, I could have badge class badges 
and scrolls made, and that would make ME very happy.

Thank you ;^ )
Pookbhan ~ MoC, for thee, offspring

* Excluding Vivianne and Neal (I'm trying to imagine them court dancing. 
It's bad, real bad...)

>I would be interested, depending on when the class is.  Possibly my
>husband and son, also.
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>We are looking into having a court dancing class here in Skorragard and
>I was wondering how many of you would be interested?
>Thank you :)
>Lady Siobhan inghean ui Tigernaigh
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Namron mailing list
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Lady Siobhan inghean ui Tigernaigh
It's not the color of the Text but how you use it.

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