[Namron] Potential Demo--------Clarification

Epperson, Sheryl eppersos at oge.com
Thu Mar 8 14:17:06 PST 2007

I can't be there, but if you can think of anything I have that you want
to use, let me know.  
I know I have some wool, drop spindles, and spun thread that can be
shown, as well as some smaller pieces of chain mail than Wilhelm's


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This is NOT an potential demo this is an actual demo even if I have to
lug everything there and do it by myself.

Since I am having to coordinate this myself here is what I am requesting

A small period encampment--tent, campfire and cooking set up (no fire
just pretend fire),
--two period foods for them to taste
--armor (people in armor would be nice) for kids to touch
---garb for kids to try on
--- AND people willing to allot one hour of time to kids who are
interested in the middle ages.

The age of the kids (and parents) are zero to 10sih.  

This is for the East Side MOM's group. MOM's is an anachronism for Mom's
offering Mom's suppport.  

The date is March 19th from 3 pm to 4pm set up at 2:45pm at Reeve's
Park.  . 

Please let me know if you can help even it is providing something.

Thanks Lady Agnese de Siena OHSS

vujadea200 at aol.com wrote: 

	Agnese was wondering if some people woudl be willing to do a
small demo for her. Somethinn where the kids could try on armor or garb
or whatnot! Small set up at Reeves park at 3 pm on Monday march 19th.
Since i will be out of town starting tomorrow morning, and not be back
untill the 18th, if there is any interest or any questions, please
contact her (or post to the list).
	Adena Terricsdotter

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