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Anyone who knows me knows I have affection for the Pole Arm, a weapon that
can be most effective on the battlefield.  But a Pike or Halberd makes a
beautiful and impressive formal piece as well, proudly displayed and handled
in ceremonial settings.  Just look to either side of Their Excellencies or
Their Majesties at your next Court.  As I learn and perfect some of the
Tudor era English Pike Drills, I would enjoy sharing this knowledge, and if
there is enough interest, even form a Namron Ceremonial Pike Team.  


With Lord Terrance’s approval, perhaps we could have our first drills at Med
Fair, where I would teach some fundamental moves.  And, of course, you need
not be late English to participate.   Just come prepared to have fun and
look good while doing so!


If you have a Pole Arm between 6-8 feet long, excellent!  If not, all you
need to do is make progress to Home Depot or Lowes and pick up a 7 foot
piece of 1 ¼ inch pine round stock.  It’s back in the lumber department, and
runs less than $2/foot (at least it did last time I looked).   Be sure it is
reasonably “true,” and they will cut to length.  Just sand it smooth, and if
you wish, you can stain and seal it.  That will be your practice pole.


If we have enough interest to drill at Med Fair, please be sure any “live
steel” is properly sheathed.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please let me


In Service

Herr Wolfgang

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