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Greetings Lady Adalia,


We look forward to you joining us at Med Fair and I invite you to contact me
directly so I can get more details of your journey.  I look forward to
visiting with you and Namron greatly appreciates your offer of assistance.


In Service

Herr Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen

Med Fair Liaison


wolfgangvonsachsenhausen at yahoo.com




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Kind Gentles,


There are some of us (at least 2 at most 5) that will be coming to your fair
Barony (from the lands of Northkeep) for the festivities and fun that are
the "Norman Med Faire".  We would like to offer our services for any and all
tasks that may need to be accomplished.  However, we do not know whom to
contact to make ourselves available and to find out which tasks are yet
unclaimed.  As a bard, I will gladly offer my voice throughout the day, but
I'm certain there are other opportunities to serve available.  Please let me
know where to point my pleas and what we can do to assist.



Lady Adalia "Nyx" VonDerBerg

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