[Namron] war progress

muriel at entelesoft.com muriel at entelesoft.com
Thu Mar 15 10:44:26 PDT 2007

Hello Namron.

The battles begun yesterday. Ansteorra and her allies are outnumbered nearly two to one.  Despite that, our army defeated the blue and white at yesterday's town battle. The fighting nearly reached our camp near the ravine this morning and I dressed quickly to the shouts of warriors on an all too short march to the front.  The Namron Guard marched in numbers as strong as the  Kingdom of Aethelmark, triple the size I anticipated.  Pooky and Tarl carried the storm into the fray,  while Donnchadh sent a hailstorm of bolts.  But the Black Star's numbers were too few.  The enemy was merciful enough to halt their advance before destroying our camp.  

I must now prepare to meet with the other nobles to discuss the protection of our lands even while His Majesty leads the army into another battle.  Donnchadh will rejoin the fray when the archers are called later this afternoon.

Please pass my greetings to Skorragradr and tell Siobhan that her messenger arrived yesterday during lunch.

Vivat Namron!  Vivat Ansteorra!

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