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Thu Mar 15 11:03:45 PDT 2007

  Grinning Grimmie

MagnusStrongAxe <magnusstrongaxe at aol.com> wrote:
        Hello, Hello, Helloooo is this thing on???….   Well guess what time it is girls and boys? Time for me to come back out of retirement. Got all my trouble taken care of.   And don’t like a damn thing that is going on. But all that aside got a lot of treats in store for you guys this year. Monday nights are archery practice, remember guys you don’t have to have bows, you don’t have to have arrows all you have to have is the deep need to pop yourself in the arm with a string until you learn to keep your thumb out of the way. Nobody’s too short, nobody’s to tall, I will teach them all. And remember we can shoot under the lights so it’s never to late. If you want to shoot some other time then Monday nights whether you want to shoot or just be trained I am usually available Monday nights, Wednesday nights, and Friday call for appointments. 
  On to fighter news. Tuesday night at Buzz’s we are building armor, and not only are we building armor on Tuesday nights…but I’ve got it arranged with our wonderful Malcolm, to invade his home, once a month, to not only have armor but to have pretty armor. It’s not just functional it’s fashionable too. Thursday nights are beat on brat night. Bring your favorite brat. And we will beat on him sufficiently.   
  All these services are provide by ME and the Tribe and have absolutely nothing, zero, anything, to do with the barony.   In fact you could call it a barony free zone. Don’t want to talk politics, don’t want to talk about hating on anybody, just want to build, hit and shoot. If your new, get a hold of Traci, (Traciat at aol.com) and she will get you to whoever, what ever needs to be done, whether it be clothing, tents, She’s our supply rat and pep rally girl.   In fact if it wasn’t for Traci, I probably wouldn’t even be playing right now …..She wouldn’t leave me alone.  So in Short, I’m back.
  To my friends, comes on let’s play.  To the friends I haven’t made, come and see if the rumors are true. 
  See ya, later, bye
  Lord Magnus StrongAxe

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