[Namron] House Moo Hurling

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Tue Mar 20 09:25:14 PDT 2007

yes spang flinging is fun  but are we going to have the baby toss again?   
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  !!!!!!!      HOUSE MOO SPANG HURLING   !!!!!!!!

  Is your spang too big, too ugly, or "unauthorized?". Do you want to see it sailing in the air? Just bring to the House Moo Barnyard Encampment at Beltaine and we will introduce it to PERSUASION.  (for those who have not met Persuasion, she's a good size trebuchet.)

  We are not limiting ourselves to spangs, if it fits, we'll hurl it.   All we ask is that whatever we hurl is under 4 pounds (when ready to be loaded wet or dry), fit into the sling, and ain't breathing.  We have a "clean-up" party afterwards. (emphasis on the word "party")


  Jennene Stanley
  "Vanity working on a weak mind
  produces every sort of mischief"
  -Jane Austen
  mooharpist at cox.net www.mooharpist.net

  P.S. Please feel free to forward this any interested parties.  This message is brought to you by House Moo. 


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