[Namron] staying home tonight...and informal class poll.

Genevria di Betto genevria at cox.net
Tue Mar 20 17:20:25 PDT 2007

Me!  Yes, I most definitely want a body double.  I have even been desperate 
enough to have been thinking of having Owen help me make one.  He would not 
be happy.  Please teach this one first!  The not being able to fit it to me 
is my biggest obstacle to sewing garb.  I suspect there would be enough 
interest inthis class that we could take donations to cover your travel 
expenses if you come to namron (i.e. We would pay for gas and food.).

All the other classes sound like fun too.  You might also think about 
teaching something at a regional practice.  That's my regional officer pet 
project self speaking there.  As opposed to the self interested part in the 
first paragraph. :)


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