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vujadea200 at aol.com vujadea200 at aol.com
Wed Mar 21 16:07:09 PDT 2007

I see hands popping up all over the place, hands of people who are wanting to help with Med Fair!  
Luck has it that one of EVERYONES favorite people (well, as lease SOMEBODY'S) is in charge of the Arts and Sciences tent, as well as the Hospitaling!  
I know that I can use all the help that I can get! 
SO, come on down.  Bring your armor, your finery, your willingness to talk to the crowd.  Ham it up, make it count!  Many of the people that will be at the fair are not just from Norman, but from all over the state and the country!!
Let me know if you need anything, or if you have any questions!  There will be a REVEL on Sat night, hosted by Annabelle and Aongus.  
Hope to see you all there!!

Adena (in the end, there can be only one!!)
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