[Namron] [SkorragardrVirtualSkald] Tug of War <warning> at Beltane

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I believe each (group) is to design and bring their own team.
So get with your peops and get ready for the yankin' !
Set the chair to auto reverse and low gear Brother 'cause I might be on the 
other end of that rope!


Insight: it's not all about the weight, determination can rule the day!
I harkin back to some children draggin me 50 feet by the rope as I refused 
to let go... funny-good times!

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>Hmm Pook I could be an anchor.. between me and the Chair we well weigh
>over 600 pounds ;) .
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>Subject: [SkorragardrVirtualSkald] Tug of War <warning> at Beltane
>I remember last year ( yes, quite suprizing... } ;^ P )
>I was pulling for Namron and we were bested by Skorragardr's appx. 4-5
>1300-1600 lbs. squad of Skorragardrian titans.
>I have been pulling on Beltane's rope for many a decade and have
>perfected a
>technique that has sent Ansteorra's mightiest Squadron of Knights to
>Namron's sod out of their teeth...
>But that Skorragardr Squad of Squishing (just coined) from last year
>In a 2 out of 3 I think Namron one the first round and then Skorragardr
>chose to ignore our fine planning and years of technique and took rope
>hand and didn't stop walking backwards till Sunday morn...
>So let all be forewarned bring your best, bring your biggest, bring your
>most tenacious, and bring your most beautiful distracters cause to beat
>~Skorragardr~ brought last year you'll need to command more then what
>The King of Ansteorra had at His disposal!!!
>The SCA can be nothin' but fun and good times!
>Beltain is the place to be!!!
>See you on the happy side of THE~DREAM,
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> >Subject: [Namron] Tug of War Challenge at Beltane
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> >
> >Greetings to The Northern Region! This years Tug of War will be a
> >challenge from Namron to her Sister groups, :-)... The contest is
> >elimination and will be chosen by lots, The winning group will receive
> >bragging rights and whatever else we can come up with, :-)
> > Come pull your weight!...'Stacia, Co Steward
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