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Owen just zinged me , dooh, a weight limit could and might be imposed...'Stacia

sandra goodrich <tgnst at swbell.net> wrote:    After talking with folks, preformed teams or chosen teams for the groups might limit or keep another group from total participation, and inflates the home 2 groups advantage, :-) 
  So, anyone present from a group may pull for that group as long as they are willing and able, up to the filling of thier lenghth of rope, biggest, strongest people are often best as best as anchor... And Babes of all description can pull too, not just the dudes,,,'Stacia

Lord Pooky <lord_pooky at hotmail.com> wrote:

I believe each (group) is to design and bring their own team.
So get with your peops and get ready for the yankin' !
Set the chair to auto reverse and low gear Brother 'cause I might be on the 
other end of that rope!


Insight: it's not all about the weight, determination can rule the day!
I harkin back to some children draggin me 50 feet by the rope as I refused 
to let go... funny-good times!

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>Hmm Pook I could be an anchor.. between me and the Chair we well weigh
>over 600 pounds ;) .
>Chass Brown A.K.A.
>Charinthalis Del Sans of the portable chariot.
>Honorable Recruiter of the House of the Red Shark.
>Muddeler of Mead
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>Subject: [SkorragardrVirtualSkald] Tug of War at Beltane
>I remember last year ( yes, quite suprizing... } ;^ P )
>I was pulling for Namron and we were bested by Skorragardr's appx. 4-5
>1300-1600 lbs. squad of Skorragardrian titans.
>I have been pulling on Beltane's rope for many a decade and have
>perfected a
>technique that has sent Ansteorra's mightiest Squadron of Knights to
>Namron's sod out of their teeth...
>But that Skorragardr Squad of Squishing (just coined) from last year
>In a 2 out of 3 I think Namron one the first round and then Skorragardr
>chose to ignore our fine planning and years of technique and took rope
>hand and didn't stop walking backwards till Sunday morn...
>So let all be forewarned bring your best, bring your biggest, bring your
>most tenacious, and bring your most beautiful distracters cause to beat
>~Skorragardr~ brought last year you'll need to command more then what
>The King of Ansteorra had at His disposal!!!
>The SCA can be nothin' but fun and good times!
>Beltain is the place to be!!!
>See you on the happy side of THE~DREAM,
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> >Subject: [Namron] Tug of War Challenge at Beltane
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> >
> >Greetings to The Northern Region! This years Tug of War will be a
> >challenge from Namron to her Sister groups, :-)... The contest is
> >elimination and will be chosen by lots, The winning group will receive
> >bragging rights and whatever else we can come up with, :-)
> > Come pull your weight!...'Stacia, Co Steward
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