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To members of the Tribe and sympathizers I’m getting a lot of grief over not holding the after party at buzz’s.  And the fact that I myself will not be at medfair, I’ll try to explain myself briefly.  I will not support this barony.  And there’s nothing I can do to change anything. So I choose to play anyplace but here.  There’s enough crap going on right now over medfair that I don’t want to be any part of.  I will be at Elfsea spring faire; a bunch or our members are going.  A lot of our newbie’s are going.  No politics, no stress, and no he said she said, Hell I might even get to drink.  So to answer your questions, I can’t run the party if I’m not here.  And as for the barony, I think I’ve made myself kind of clear.  If you can’t get to Elfsea, please go to medfair, I’m not saying don’t go, I’m just saying that I’ve found something better to do.  I’m taking the trailer, if any body needs their stuff packed down to Elfsea I’m going at 12pm on Friday, and I will have some room.  If you need a ride down, contact Traci, or me and we’ll figure out a way. The more the merrier.  I’m just looking for a good time with no politics.  So I hope that answers everybody’s questions, Please quit calling and making me feel bad.  I’ve already made commitments and people are going with me I can’t back out.  

Archery will still be at my house on Monday nights, Tuesday nights are at Buzz's we will be building and repairing armor, Thursday nights are fighter practice, also at Buzz's, all are welcome.
Love and bullets

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