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Silver Swan <a_silverswan at yahoo.com> wrote:   Greetings to all
Med Fair is up on us we have many donations of food and Drink and workers  thank you all and its not to late if you decide to bring something bring it we can always use more I'm sure it will not go to waste and some will enjoy it.

   Mama Rose                                        Stuffed Bisquits, corn bread
  Lady Yvonne             
  Lord Cormac                                      2 -8# Hams, Plastic ware, salt, sugar, creamer, 2 lbs  of coffee and  crackers.
  Lady Abe Atsuko
  Lady Shadow
  Clarissima                                                     Camp Stove x2
  Lady Ara                                         Homemade bread, rice, and beans
  Lady Madelain                               Paper goods
  Ailis Mareoun Haddodc                  Homemade Bread
  Veronique                                                        2Bread and 1-2 Cheese
  Lady Annabelle                               Cinnamon Rolls and Cookies
  Lady Gwyneth                                  Very Large Jars of Pickles
  Baroness Maleah                               4 loaves assorted homemade breads
  Lord Terric                                        Mint  Drink
  Lord Pooky                                       10-15 lb Brisket
  Lady Marion Makkingze                        Cornbread
 Ldy Lucrezia                                            Cornbread, Mayo, Chocolate and Lemon muffins
 Barat & Jacqueline                                  Rootbeer and some kind of food
  Fayidah                                                    Oatmeal cookies
Nico                                                         Juevos de Diablo & eggs pickled
Gummande Hratsn                                   Plates & Bowls
    Hiedi of Milfay                                         15# of cheese
  Madalane                                                   Paper towels
Lady Ailis Mareoun Haddock  12 Loaf of bread
Elizabeta Lord              5 Gallons of Home made Rootbeer
Mordane and Ravon           9 loaves of bread and turkey ham  on Sat.

Jolgeirr,Yvonne, Annya,Evette, Thora,and Jolgrimr

10# of sugar, Bucket of Creamer, Ketchup,Mustard and Relish, and Sweet&Low

The Tavern hours will be 9;00 am to 5:00 pm with Breakfast
from 9 to 10:30 and Lunch 11:30 to 1:30 
with snakes as long as they last.

Sorry but all children must be acompanied by parent while 
in Tavern only exception will be children working there.



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