[Namron] Namron Digest, Vol 11, Issue 68

Jennifer fairefolk at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 28 22:21:29 PDT 2007

Ok love, we will be there....or be square...or ...man
i really need to go to bed and get some sleep...sigh
nighty nite Namron
p.s.find those tarot cards...we might have enough
people who want to learn how to play...finally.

p.p.s.And hey, who brought that imagine if
game...maybe they will show up with it...hint, hint,

p.p.p.s.and i have been told NOT to bring chocolate
cake...has to be anything but chocolate...sigh...red
velvet has chocolate in it doesn't it...ok, how about
yellow with something type frosting...i figure it
out...or how about lemon oh yes...i will have to call
her again...going to bed...yes really, i am...going to
bed that is...sigh.

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> Hey there,
> Just wanted to let you know that at the Med Fair set
> up tonight we decided to have a get together over at
> our place Friday after Med Fair to watch movies,
> play games, work on projects, nd whatever else we
> feel like doing. We'd love to have anyone interested
> in attending. We even have a fire pit we can set up
> in the back yard if people want to hang out out
> there. Anyhoo ... our address is 15601 Camellia Road
> in SW Oklahoma City. To get here, take your best
> route to the intersection of SW 149th street and
> Western. Then take western south til you see the
> Wildflower sign and make a right into the Wildflower
> edition. Make a left onto Camellia Road and we are
> the on the right side of the road. We have a black
> Hyundai Elantra and a maroon Dodge Ram with SCA
> stickers. Hope to see you all then.  
> Hugs,
> Kat and Orlando
> P.S. Just in case you get lost ... here are the
> numbers: home 692-2068, cell 850-529-0050. 
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