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Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Thu Oct 4 16:14:06 PDT 2007

Please take some time when you are sitting in front of the computer and
take a look at the websites of other groups.  Not only would it be nice
for you to recommend these people for some much deserved kudos but it
will also give you some ideas about what you would like *our* website to

If you want a quick short-cut to all the branch websites, see:

Remember that no matter how cool you think their site is, no one will
know until you say so.

Master Ulf
Namron VScribe

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This is your reminder email that I need nominations for the Web version of
the BlackFox awards.

Nominations should be sent to me at vscribe at ansteorra.org, and should arrive
before Oct 31, 2007, to be considered for any of these awards.

I would like enough nominations so that we can have an internal webby
contest for our Kingdom as well.

Please forward this email to your local lists if you wish to. :)

Here are the categories:

Best Overall Website - not necessarily the best-looking website, but rather
the website which best meets the needs of the local group or SCA Event for
which it is published. It should accurately reflect the status of the
group/event and be a valuable tool for growth and promotion of the SCA goals
and ideals. This title is awarded to the website and the Webminister. 
Best Appearance - for the best looking website in balance and style. Awarded
to the website and the Webminister. 

Best Organization - for the most easily navigated website in balance and
style. Awarded to the website and the Webminister. 

Best Use of Technology - for the site that utilizes advanced technology to
provide value added services to its populace. Awarded to the website and the

Best Artwork - for custom artwork on the main page of the website. Awarded
to the website and the artist. 

Best Special Interest Website - this category recognizes guild websites,
research websites, and Arts & Science focus websites (such as lace-making).
Awarded to the website and the Webminister. 

Best Regular Feature - for those cartoons, articles, columns, etc. which are
updated regularly on the particular website. Awarded to the creator or
feature writer and the website. 

Best Content - recognizes excellence in content appearing on a local
website. Awarded to the Webminister and the website. 

Honorable Mentions - for work which does not fall into the above categories,
yet are still deserving of recognition for their exceptional work and/or
dedication to producing the best possible website for the local group

HL Chiara Francesca
Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra

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