[Namron] game night

Jennene Stanley Mooharpist at cox.net
Fri Oct 5 00:08:22 PDT 2007

On Oct 5, 2007, at 1:30 AM, Lord Orlando Di' Gilead wrote:

> I won't be able to make it....I'm busy defending the free world  
> this weekend
> Orlando

<Anya  semi-quitting- quitting for a mili-second.. >

Thank you. Thank you.  You are in my thought and prayers.   I , if  
not  others, honor you for for your sacrifice and duty. I cannot even  
imagine what is like being away from your loved ones in a foreign  
clime, doing what you do. I can only express my gratitude and pray  
for your safe return.  Come back to us soon, Come back to us safe.


Jennene Stanley
It's been real.... off to other pastures... moo
mooharpist at cox.net  www.mooharpist.net

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