[Namron] Trim your posts, please

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Fri Oct 5 17:00:37 PDT 2007

My normal occasion e-mail rant follows:

Please trim your messages.  I just read a message on here that took
47,000 bytes to say 12 words.

More to the point, I just went through the archived messages for all
public Ansteorran mailing lists for the month of September.  I was
pulling out emails that mentioned Artair's passing so I could send them
to his wife. It is truly amazing how many replies to replies to replies
to replies to replies we Ansteorrans send back and forth without
trimming the tails off.

There are (believe it or not) still people on dial-up connections or
bandwidth-limited connections.  And they have to download all 30 or 40
thousands bytes of reply / sig line / reply / sig line etc... of each
message just to see if it is something they need to know about.

So be kind.  Leave just the relevant parts of the message you are
replying to.  And for anyone who may have deleted an e-mail from this
list that you want to see again, I suggest:


There is over eight years of us chatting back and forth there, and it is

I remember back when the 'Net was flat, as far as the eye can see...

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