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Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 10 11:10:43 PDT 2007

{{{Pooky doing an all too uncanny Herman-Munster-happy-clapping-of-hands-moment}}}

"Yeay! A new person!!! clap-claplap dance/wiggle clap-claplapclaplap wiggle"

Melisande de Frayne,

Please be welcomed and comforted upon finding this enclave of family and friends.

May this place called Namron be a solid fortress and from Her majestic parapets look upon this new found society, knowing from any length of journey you always have a safe place where you can return.

May we who are Namron know ourselves more fully through what you experience whilst you stay and play and be a part of us.

May how you are received and what we have that would interest and entice reflect to us more indelibly, by true litmus,  the value of our efforts lowe these past 30+ish REALLY odd years. May your happiness be the judge and jury by which we may know what all of our cumulative efforts have, in the present amounted to...

Please may we strive and always be the place you find the opportunity to Learn as you in return grace us with any of your Teachings.

Please may we strive and always be the place you discover Courtesy, Love, and a little heartfelt moment we've come to believe in known as The~Dream.

Please may we strive to and always be the place that you shall remember fondly and love purely.

"Welcome home Melisande de Frayne, welcome home",

Pooky ~   };*^ ))

 Protectorate-oooopppppsssss>> So sorry, meant to send that to HE only, not the entire list.....SORRY>

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