[Namron] New Champions

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Tue Oct 16 22:56:48 PDT 2007

Lady Brenna wrote:
> So, who is the new Protector?  I have not heard.

Our new Protector is Hrabia William Miesko (Bear).  He won that honor
sixteen years ago.  Age has not weakened his sword and this time he
fought for the honor of Lady Lisette de Beaumont.

Our new Rapier Champion is His Excellency of Wiesenfeuer, Don Elric
Dracwin, inspired to victory by Baroness Dominique Michelle le Vesseur
for the *fourth* time.

Lady Salaya is our Equestrian, this being her second time with that
title and once again riding Shoe to victory.

The overall winners this weekend were the people, of course, who enjoyed
what can only be called ideal event weather with good food, good
friends, and good spirits.  For all involved in making it happen, from
the least contribution of the populace to the hard work of the stewards,
Lady Cadhla and Master Aethelstan, a hearty Huzzah!

Master Ulf

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