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Maleah baroness_maleah at cox.net
Wed Oct 17 17:26:34 PDT 2007

My beloved friends,
    I indeed took a nasty fall and broke my arm at the radius head and split my clavicle (also known as my collarbone) length wise for approximately 1 inch towards my neck. I also did some significant bruising of he left rotator cuff and a small tear to the left pectoral muscle. I am in a splint and am returning to the healer on Friday for further tests and treatments. But, fear not I am of hearty stock,ad stubborn to boot!!) and will be claiming lands in the name of our fair Ansteorra when we cross the great pond on Friday. Your love and concern mean much to me and know that you will be in my thoughts as I journey to the lands of the English.

They've slowed me down but not stopped me
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