[Namron] More Camel Sitings

muriel at entelesoft.com muriel at entelesoft.com
Fri Oct 19 08:13:45 PDT 2007

My dear populace, I have further camel warnings to issue before I depart.
There have been more camel attacks than were originally aware, and I am
begining to fear they are directed at me rather than the al Assani family.
Before Protectorate, Lord Ithrael's chariot was destroyed while he was
speaking to me through his magical farspeaker.  I now believe this was also
the evil camel's doing.  Then, during Protectorate, a camel ambushed
Hasheika Maleah in the dark, leaving her directly in my path to find.  The
past week has seen attacks on our Treasuerer's son, as you all know, and it
just now came to my attention that my dear brother and best guard and escort
Quill was attacked yesterday.  He was ridden down by a camel-drawn chariot.
Quill was well enough to pass word along, but certainly shaken.

I fear for your safety.  Information regarding this vile camel and it's
motives will be repaid upon my return from our pilgrimage.  God go with you.
Be safe.

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