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	This was sent yesterday, but I never saw it come through, so I'm
sending it again.


	The tune is (obvious to some) The Gambler - although I left out
the chorus in the interest of time.


	On a cool autumn eve

	While slowly walking to court

	She met up with a camel

	He had revenge to seek 

	So he had placed a dark stump

	In Maleah's line of travel

	Ithrael foiled his last attempt, so this time he had to sneak.
	He crept out in the darkness

	And he marked off twenty paces

	Knowin what her path was

	She had walked it many times.

	He found a tree limb near by

	Began to drag it over

	Had to watch out for the nobles

	'cuz his stench was hard to hide.
	Maleah walked unknowing

	Into the camel's design

	She tripped over the tree limb

	And took a nasty fall

	But the camel he was frightened

	When he saw the determination

	On the face of the Baroness

	When she heard the herald's call


	Evening Court will start soon

	Gather Round and Pray Heed

	For the honors they are many

	And friends will be surprised.

	Maleah held her head high

	(and her arm close to her side)

	For her husband was the herald

	So her pain she disguised.


	Every woman knows

	There's always something out there

	Waiting to catch you

	Off guard or in your sleep.

	But Maleah in her glory

	Taught the camel his first lesson

	Never mess with our red head

	For the price you'll pay is steep.


	She is gathering an army

	Of strong and fierce protectors

	Who will go out to E-Ko-Wah

	A camel for to slay

	They'll bring her back a fur cloak

	She'll wear as a reminder

	To any other camels

	Who try to get in her way.

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