[Namron] One more Camel filk

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Hey, wait a minute!  Aren't giraffes called CAMELeopards?  Maybe it was one
'o them in disguise!


On 10/19/07, vujadea200 at aol.com <vujadea200 at aol.com> wrote:
> I laughed, I cried.  I loved it !
> (ok, so I laughed so hard I cried)
> LOve you Nyx!
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>   This was sent yesterday, but I never saw it come through, so I'm sending
> it again.
> The tune is (obvious to some) The Gambler - although I left out the chorus
> in the interest of time.
> On a cool autumn eve
> While slowly walking to court
> She met up with a camel
> He had revenge to seek
> So he had placed a dark stump
> In Maleah's line of travel
> Ithrael foiled his last attempt, so this time he had to sneak.
> He crept out in the darkness
> And he marked off twenty paces
> Knowin what her path was
> She had walked it many times.
> He found a tree limb near by
> Began to drag it over
> Had to watch out for the nobles
> 'cuz his stench was hard to hide.
> Maleah walked unknowing
> Into the camel's design
> She tripped over the tree limb
> And took a nasty fall
> But the camel he was frightened
> When he saw the determination
> On the face of the Baroness
> When she heard the herald's call
> Evening Court will start soon
> Gather Round and Pray Heed
> For the honors they are many
> And friends will be surprised.
> Maleah held her head high
> (and her arm close to her side)
> For her husband was the herald
> So her pain she disguised.
> Every woman knows
> There's always something out there
> Waiting to catch you
> Off guard or in your sleep.
> But Maleah in her glory
> Taught the camel his first lesson
> Never mess with our red head
> For the price you'll pay is steep.
> She is gathering an army
> Of strong and fierce protectors
> Who will go out to E-Ko-Wah
> A camel for to slay
> They'll bring her back a fur cloak
> She'll wear as a reminder
> To any other camels
> Who try to get in her way.
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