[Namron] More Camel Sitings

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 22 19:19:52 PDT 2007

May your journey not take you to lands fraught, filled, or festering with dreadfully despicable dromedary...

I (as always) am unsure of the details, but rumor has it that Lord Cormac the Black of Skorragardr had his foot stepped on by the crazed and cruel camel. It was wearing a mask and held an epée' (sp?, I'm a lover not a fighter) in it's teeth. It must have been convincing because the marshal did let it on the list field.
Maybe we can identify it further by the alias it used when signing into the light weapons list? Our Beloved dowager Baroness Gwyneth of  Ramsey Mere Mere was the Mistress of the list. I know she is affiliated (if only by love) to the rabid camel merchants of All a sin I. To my knowledge Sheik Abdulla's merchants of ... gritty repute, are the only dis-organization proffering in the sale or escape of such hump laden beasts of burden and sorrow.  
I am sure the screened mask was enough to conceal the specific identity of the mortified if not maligned hairy humped horror from Alas Sandy's very own Baroness Gwyneth, for this I am confident.

We here at Poppa Pookie's Plentifully Pleasurable emPorium feel that such indiscriminant care should not be afforded to any livestock, daughter, or merchandise. We uphold better quality items AND happier living conditions for our charges then one can find any where else in Namron!

Stop on by and Peruse Poppa Pookie's Plentifully Pleasurable emPorium.
Safe harbor for the Ansteorran Royal Navy.
Complimentary bottle washing for Brewers. 
All the stones your seige weapons can sling.
One raffle ticket to all past entrees of the May Queen Competition. The prize? A date saturday night with Pooky. ~ EOD
Fresh hay and stables for Members of MoOo Manor. (Papered hump free, livestock only) 
Luscious green grassy sand free waterfront property so you can enjoy, your vacation time pleasures.

Our motto " The~Love illuminates and vivificates The~Learning of The~Dream " 

Our program was brought to you by the number 42, and your friends at Pookamee Street.

. . . . This message was a non political tax free announcement. Any views or opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by the Barony of Namron, The Kingdom of Ansteorra, or the Society of Creative Anachronism at large . . . .

From: muriel at entelesoft.com
To: namron at ansteorra.org
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 10:13:45 -0500
Subject: [Namron] More Camel Sitings

My dear populace, I have further camel warnings to issue before I depart.  There have been more camel attacks than were originally aware, and I am begining to fear they are directed at me rather than the al Assani family.  Before Protectorate, Lord Ithrael's chariot was destroyed while he was speaking to me through his magical farspeaker.  I now believe this was also the evil camel's doing.  Then, during Protectorate, a camel ambushed Hasheika Maleah in the dark, leaving her directly in my path to find.  The past week has seen attacks on our Treasuerer's son, as you all know, and it just now came to my attention that my dear brother and best guard and escort Quill was attacked yesterday.  He was ridden down by a camel-drawn chariot.  Quill was well enough to pass word along, but certainly shaken.

I fear for your safety.  Information regarding this vile camel and it's motives will be repaid upon my return from our pilgrimage.  God go with you.  Be safe.


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