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Tue Oct 30 22:39:07 PDT 2007

At the request of the seneschal I have been hunting for new meeting space  
and have found some. The first meeting on November 7th. is at the Denny's at the 
 corner of Main Street and Interstate 35 in Norman. The room is booked from 7 
 p.m. on, we can eat, get coffee or tea, or not at the mood pleases us, there 
is  no requirement to but. It would be nice (I think) if since we are in 
public if  we wore garb, we might attract some new folk (or you could be asked for 
an  autograph as Abdul was in Sooner Mall this summer), the second meeting 
will be  in the large room at the Norman Public Library, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m..  
Hopefully this arrangement with continue through the winter (with heat) and 
the  summer (with AC). Yours in service to Namron and Ansteorra - Mistress 
Gwyneth,  MOA (did you know that the Moa is a large, flightless bird that is now  

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