[Namron] Arrows and everything else we have!

John Gillin bonz6x at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 5 22:26:29 PDT 2007

I am DYING HERE! Ribs are crackin'... can you hear them in Namron?
  Thanx also Pooky

Lord Pooky <lord_pooky at hotmail.com> wrote:
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Good and Right Noble Baron Wylfred,
Indeed some plan to build a Stronghold of some sort with all forms of armament MUST be implemented immediately!!! (In my humble Pooky-opinion).
Not only to make matters of lawlessness a thing of our past but also to fend off the rampant invasion of vermin for which you might have just found on the precipice of our Northern Ansteorraian borders; the dreaded vampirical Chupacabra!
I am completely grateful you are spearheading (another useful device)
the effort to keep all of Northern Ansteorra safe!
Bless You Baron Wylfred! Bless You!
Your newest best friend,
  Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 20:50:03 -0700
From: bonz6x at yahoo.com
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Subject: Re: [Namron] Arrows

  Considering, I just had a large (probably 125-150 pound) tan feline cruise within "yards" of me and my dogs about 30 minutes ago (whilst they watered the lawn), it made the "baby cry", followed by that low growl... Hummm... big cat, ... I am thinking I would like to order some 12 guage, express 3-1/2 inch long arrows... and the "crossbow" that launches them... argh! What might be the excise tax on that be my dear Master Ulf??? (grins!!!)
   (I am laffing)... but only because it chases the heartrate down a few beats... IF ya know what I mean
  Boonies be interesting!

Ulf Gunnarsson <ulfie at cox.net> wrote:
  At populace meeting, I mentioned an estimate for arrow making. Depnding
on the source, it will cost between $350-$400 for all the parts to make
100 cedar arrows. Yes, costs have definitely gone up. Apparently,
archery equipment is subject to an 11% Federal Excise Tax except shafts.
Those have a flat $0.39 excise tax applied.

If anyone is interested in going in with me on a purchase, please let me
know. Keep in mind that you should make at least one dozen.

Oh, and the shafts are the standard 31+ inches. If someone wants, there
are sources for Fir and Spruce at that length, and for Poplar at 34".

Master Ulf
Namron Archery Marshal

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