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Meanwhile back in the original Message..
I would be glad to add monies to the arrow fund, as I seem to have broken/neglected/misplaced/loaned all of my arrows..lol!!
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Master Ulf;
The Duct Tape Solution will work on bobcats (I have used it), but if the creature is a mountain lion beastie, they are too strong and i recommend using braided wire covered with leaves and baited. I only would capture or kill any creature of the wild if it presents a definite threat to animals or humans. Most bobcats and pumas will just walk by and keep on going if they allow you to see them at all.


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>Wylfred wrote:
> > Considering, I just had a large (probably 125-150 pound) tan feline
> > cruise within "yards" of me and my dogs about 30 minutes ago (whilst
> > they watered the lawn), it made the "baby cry", followed by that low
> > growl... Hummm... big cat, ... I am thinking I would like to order
> > some 12 guage, express 3-1/2 inch long arrows... and the "crossbow"
> > that launches them... argh! What might be the excise tax on that be my
> > dear Master Ulf??? (grins!!!)
>A cheaper solution: make loops of duct tape and leave them around the
>yard. I mean, it works on smaller cats with masking tape, and duct tape
>sticks to "everything"...
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