[Namron] OK troops!... I give... UNCLE ULF!

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Wed Sep 5 23:10:52 PDT 2007

Baron Wylfred wrote:
> Dudes and dudettes... between mowing grass and writing music and
> editing and mixing, and the follow up and chupacabres and mountain
> lions and 12 guage express duct tape arrows... and pushing 36 hours
> awake, with only Java fixes evry 24 hours, and rum and cola
> inbetween... and a few cheesey brats for sustainance... I am beaten...
> UNCLE! UNCLE! ULF... (cousin... buddy?????) HELP! Call OFF the POOKY!
> please... Mine ribs are not sound any longer....
> Save me...

Alright! It's one in the morning.  Everyone with a real job go to bed!
[As if that'll help...  There's a reason some of us cannot keep a real


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