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John Gillin bonz6x at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 5 23:21:32 PDT 2007

Interestingly enough... upon the day of my departure from GW in 2006... I met a caravan of these thugs along the trail as I journey-ed to my new home Ansterroa.... and yes... they were quite pleasant folk... thank Ghad we were all driving our carts in the rain... and I do say...  even Friar Tuck would have know to hide the Wheat and Barley mix and the Honey drippins... The those in the Hoods.  I may be dumb BUT I ain't stupid!
  Willie (he who loves mead)

Ulf Gunnarsson <ulfie at cox.net> wrote:
  Baron Wylfred wrote:
> As it stands... I shall be visited by several members of House Arkham
> this saturday to take a peek at this manor (site)... perhaps with the
> intent of developing a plan for a small event (maybe about the size of
> Pennsic War someday).... A cattle raid HAS been discussed...

House Arkham? I know of them. Hide your booze and accept no offer to a
"friendly" game of combat archery tag. Otherwise as likable group of
thugs, cutthroats, and kingdom officers as you could meet. And say
"Hey" to Ironwyrm and all for me.

Baron Ulf

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