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I happen to be in close personal contact with the Knights Marshal for Eldern Hills. Meaning, I can starve him into doing my bidding!! LOL Would you like me to introduce this idea as a part of the scheduled melees at Samhain? I am sure he would enjoy such a quest, as well.

In service,
Lady Marguerite la Chanvierre

John Yates  wrote:

How about working that into an event idea, for a
fighting scenario?


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Or, have it as a quest to go after the wily and
dangerous beast..make them some of the best
fighters..and limit the 'hunters' to a more limited
choice of weapons.

Maybe arond Halloween..my birthday, by the way! :)

I'd also love to see us do soem figting with carved
pumpkins over the helms, I've seen pics of that type
of SCA fighting before..would be most cool arond
Halloweeen :)


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