[Namron] We're back.... sorta

Jennene Stanley Mooharpist at cox.net
Sun Sep 9 23:04:17 PDT 2007


We have resurfaced from our trip up North. Sometime I will have to  
tell the tale of the Great Polka Catholic Funeral.

As was stated in a earlier e-mail, we will not have charter painting  
this Wednesday. The Moo Manor looks like it has been stampeded by a  
herd of Mad cows. I am currently re-doing my studio space as well, so  
chaos is neat compared to our house.

We will restart charter painting after this week. I'll drop a notice  
on the list.

(p.s. Many thanks to those who send word of support. It meant a lot.  )

HL Anya Gordon Lamont
Northern Regional Scribe
Jennene Stanley
"Vanity working on a weak mind
produces every sort of mischief"
						-Jane Austen
mooharpist at cox.net		www.mooharpist.net

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