[Namron] Student's *Unofficial* Fighter Practice

Ashly "Sakami" Belford raviachekov at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 13:15:07 PDT 2007

The Students for Creative Anachronism will be holding an unofficial
fighter practice this Thursday beginning at 6pm. We will meet by the
fountain on the South Oval. 

If we could possibly get a rapier fighter or two out there that would be awsome!

The practice will end at 7:30 when we leave for our regular meeting in the President's room.

We know of at least one student's interest in the following areas:

Many are interested in fighting, metalworking, leatherworking.
Andrew is interested in the Ottoman Culture.
Cory is interested in Feudal Japanese society.
Tucker is interested in Chinese Feudal society.

If anyone wishes to help these students along please email Sakami ( raviachekov at yahoo.com ) and we can arrange for your knowledge and their curiosity to be in the same place at the same time.



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