[Namron] Last Sewing Circle before protectorate (Special note to the fighters)

Siren Song sirensong13 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 18 10:03:56 PDT 2007

Lords, Ladies, and the Populace Protectorate is fast upon us. 

Saturday will be the last of the sewing circles before the event. If you have something you need to work on or just want to come watch people work this is your chance!!!!

Fighters, remember the Baroness wants pageantry when you present your consort. Make sure your banners are sewn, you and your consort are dressed to the nines, and all your other fabric arts are in order to impress.  :) 

Consorts, ladies, and everyone in general.. is there a fighter you want to bestow your favor on? This is a good chance to work on your favors too! 

Sewing circle will start at 1pm at my home in Shawnee. 

4317 Trinity Dr

If you need directions please call or drop me a note

See you there!!!

Lady Siobhan ingenTigernaich
House of Cynrede Spîritus
Minister of Arts and Sciences, Canton of Skorragardr
Nordsteorra, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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