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1. Apologies for not cutting previous personal message to the list.

2. Yes, I did email the Kingdom Seneschal, both about the article the Daily is doing on us and student group stuff in general.

3. The 6pm Thursday South Oval Student's Fighter Practice is going to become a regular thing. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and get involved! We've got willing new fighters! We meet from about 6pm until 7:30pm every Thursday. 

4. Our Meeting is on Friday this week at 7:30pm in the Sooner Room. Syr Owen has been invited to enumerate on the fun and awsomeness of SCAdian Tourneys and other fighting opportunities. Possibly a "Once I get Authorized/Now that I'm Authorized, what do I do now?" kind of discussion. 
    a. Thursday, 6pm-? South Oval, by the Fountain (Bring fighting gear (including cups!), and water, lots of water!)
    b. FRIDAY, 6pm-7:30pm South Oval, same particulars as above.

6. Also we are gearing up the students for Protectorate. We know of at least two that will be needing some loaner garb. Both are Male, and we are working on getting approximate sizes to pass along ASAP. As soon as possible we will post a list of any needed loanings or assistance for the students.


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