[Namron] The passing of an archer

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Wed Sep 26 20:49:28 PDT 2007

This morning H.L. Artair Macmorra passed away.  His passing was not a
surprise, as his health had been deteriorating the past couple of years
and more so in the past few weeks.

If you are having trouble placing the name, especially with "Honorable
Lord" in front of it, this is the 72 year old archer and merchant that
dressed Scottish but could outshoot a Mongol with his little stick of a

There is nothing more embarrassing than being outshot by a man almost
twice your age who used a bow only half a strong as yours while a stiff
Ansteorran wind blew sideways across the range.  But every time it
happened I learned a little more from him.

He and his wife Rose lived in Oklahoma but played out of Elfsea for
several years where their sons were active.  When his health started to
get in the way of traveling far, he asked Maleah and I and the Crown to
be considered part of Namron, as he and Rose considered this their other
home.  And so it is.

Both baronies lost a fine archer today.  I and many others have a number
of stories to tell on him... or about him... no, "on him" is more
appropriate.  He probably should have been banished a couple of times
just for bad puns but he kept bribing the Crown.  And this kingdom has
benefited many times over for his contributions in the many forms they

Memorial services will be Saturday at 2:00 pm at Our Savior Lutheran
Church, 300 North Madison, Bartlesville OK.

We are still having the potluck we planned on Sunday at the Baronial
Archery Practice.  I suppose there is no finer way to honor the man than
shoot some arrows and have a good laugh.

Baron Ulf

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