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So glad you are arranging this.  I am very excited-geek that I am.

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What an amazing response!!  I am so excited about our group trip to the Roman Art Exhibit.  
Please understand that this update is not yet confirmed with the exhibit and is subject to change but I wanted to pass along what information I do know at this point.
It is looking like July 19th will be the date of our trip, probably in the afternoon.  The group rate if more than 15 people show is $10 a person.  This will not be a guided tour as they do not do that except during the week.  I figure with those that we have in the SCA, and in Namrom specifically, we might could guide a tour.  LOL  So I was not too concerned with that.  We have almost 30 people that have expressed interest in attending.  Please forgive me if I did not get your name/title exactly right.  I am still a newbie.. Dont kill me!  
So far I have:
AnnabelleAonghasAllanSæmundrSaraitMæginBriannaMichaelBrandonHaturAraAislinn BearTiggyMaura AllonOrlando CatBaroness MargariteHRM VanessaAislinn VonBruenMaster Michael Fenwick Isobel de KirkbrydeSusan AtwellMelissa AtwellMelisandeRandy
If you do not see your name, you want to go, or you cannot attend please update me personally with that information so what I have will be accurate.
Sæmundr inn skærr
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