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Happiest of happy days Stacia and Katheryn!!!
Never has this world been blessed with 2 more wonderful and lovely Ladies, then the 2 of you!
With MY Love Lovely Loves,

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Happy 50th B-day, Stacia!  It sounds like you had a great time.

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For those of you whom I have just spammed, read one and delete the others, :-)


Yesterday was my 50th Birthday! 

I slept in Tarl sang me Happy Birthday when I woke up, :-)

I went to the OKC ZOO where I saw Lions, a Tiger, and Bears, and a Bald Eagle...

I ate ice cream and rode the Cho cho...

For supper I opted for Panda Garden instead of somewhere more expensive or fussy... I've eaten there on many Sundays with any number of friends over the years, :-) Lots of memories in that place... :-)

After dinner we went and got a doz yellow roses and a strawberry cheese cake,and came home... I cut my roses and arranged them in the vase that was given to me with flowers 24 years ago when Karl was born... We watched movies... We sang over the cheese cake,  and

I blew out the zen candles,  of course they all 50 went out! And I cut it in quarters and served us, :-)


Birthdays are special and finite, I am Happy and feel blessed to have had '50' of them, :-)


...Hugs!, 'Stacia
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