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Now that my tenure as Herald has come to a close, I wish to pick back up on
another project, teaching ceremonial Pike and Halberd drill for the Baronial
Guard or those simply interested in learning some basic techniques of
handling these fascinating weapons.  Interestingly, to this very day, the
Pike and Halberd are still used by 2 well known Guard organizations, the
Swiss Vatican Guard and the English Queen's (King's) Body Guard of the
Yeomen of the Guard, including the popular Yeomen Warders who keep watch
over the Tower of London and its legendary Ravens.  Both these organizations
boast over 500 years of proud service.  With a few basic maneuvers, our
Namron Baronial Guard can stand just as proud in Court or before our guests
and let all know we serve to protect our Crown and Nobles.


I would like to begin drill this coming Sunday, the 13th beginning 2 pm or
so during Fighters' Practice at Reaves Park.  I will teach a little basic
history of these weapons and the 2 splendid bodyguards (perhaps the Ravens
as well) and then show some of the basic maneuvers with an emphasis on
safety, as we will be using "live" steel.  If we can get at least 6 people,
I can over time teach a drill routine that is fun to execute and looks
pretty damn impressive.  Just come out willing to have fun and since this is
an ongoing learning process for me as well, be willing to put up with my
likely stumbling through some of this.  Of course, military experience is
not necessary, but if you served, I will likely call on you to help with
some of the techniques.  Dress comfortably, and although armour is not
required please wear closed shoes as sandals and pointy things sometimes
don't react to well.  Depending on how many people show up and how much fun
we are having, let us plan on an hour or so.


If you do not have a Pole Arm, do not worry, as we can use the Baronial
Spears and I have some loaner Pikes and Halberds as well.  Plus I'll teach
you how to make an easy and inexpensive "training staff."


Have questions?  Please let me know.  Ring me at 360-4150 or fire an e-mail
to wolfgangvonsachsenhausen at yahoo.com


Let us have fun while serving Namron and Ansteorra!


In Service

Herr Wolfgang von Sachsenhausen


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