[Namron] PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There are primitive privies on site.  Might be a good idea to bring 
your own TP or wipies, etc, to be safe as this is a public park and I 
do not know how often such things are restocked.

Lady Brenna Garrett

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Will there be potties?


I can go to nearby Wal-Marts if I must, but my kiddos can't always wait 
that long. :)

R the O

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Greetings all. Please cross post this to as many lists as you have 
access in the northern region and beyond.




Greetings Great and Mighty Populace of Ansteorra,


A Historical Event is about to come back to Life.


The Canton of Skarrgard invites one and all to join them for:


Mid Summers Feast and Gaelan and Brenna Garrett's  3rd - 2nd Annual Gee 
I Didn't Want To Go To Pensic's Anyway Party !!!!!!


This is a great site for recruitment for future members !!!!! So Garb 
is Optional but Encouraged !!!!!!!


To be held on the 2nd Day of August 2008 at the Beautiful Shawnee, 
Oklahoma Twin Lakes Park


Event will start at 10 am and shall run till dark or we are all wore 


This will be a day trip event with a potluck dinner. So bring a dish to 
share and meat to have cooked on the grill. As Chef Grenouille (Chef 
Gromwee) will be on site with 2 propane grills and will prepare your 
meat to your likings.


Bring your swim suits as we have full access to the lake for swimming 
(NO Life Guards are on Duty) till dark.


We have the On-Site Pavilion from 10 am to 4 pm and we have the rest of 
the park till dark. There are 10 picnic tables under pavilion and a 
whole lot of grass area. Bring portable shade and your lawn chairs.


But wait there is more.......

The Barony of Wiesenfeuer has said we are scared to get wet. So they 
have thrown the Holy Water Grenade and have Declared Water Wars. So 
come out and defend your Honor in this War of Water. Bring your Squirt 
Guns and Water Grenades.


But wait there is more........

We have plenty of room to host the Northern Regional Fighter Practice 
both Heavy and Light. So bring your gear and bring your marshals. This 
could be a great recruitment for fighting.


Please bring your own water vessels. There is potable well water on 


But wait there is more............

Bards and Performers and Dancers and Drummers you are most welcome to 
come out and perform and entertain.


Now for the Bad news.......


This site is a public city park so the site is dry. No Alcohol !!!!. 
Also Mundane's have access to the park so we must put on our Play in 
Public Display.

Due to Public presence and for safety reasons there is no Thrown 
Weapons or Archery available on this site.

Other than that no holds barred. Come out and have fun.


What to Bring you ask ?


Meat for the Grill - Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Steak, Pork,and Chicken if 
you like.


Cold Salads

Cold Cuts




Catsup, Mustard, Mayo



Anything Not Listed Edible.


House Celtic North Star Shall be bringing the Chef Grenouille and his 
grills and the Chef will be preparing a corn on the cob boil and baked 
beans as well as the meats brought to be cooked.


Now for the best part........

Site Fee........ $0.00


So Come on out and lets Party!!!!!!!!!!!


Laird Gaelan Garret

Event Steward

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