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The colors of the torsad are the combined primary colors of some of our first barons and baroness'.
Caitlin had all of her colors covered except purple.
Claryce and I created the argent fleur. One of my primary colors is white, and one of hers is blue. I believe that most of the fleurs are either a six or eight strand weave, however the first one made had I believe 12 strands and was given to Maleah.
hope this helps,

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> When you say that the torsad is made of different colors.  What colors are
> they?  Are they specific?  I love learning the customs and procedures of
> SCA.  Thanks for the great article.
> Sæmundr

The colors are specific...Veronique already mentioned them.  I'm not
sure I want to say what they are specific to, since it's a great
trivia question in case we're doing a quest at a Namron event (smile).

We added purple after Mistress Caitlin was killed.

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